Your skin is Non Sensitive, Acne-Prone, with a Combination of Dry and Oily and has no evidence of Hyperpigmentation and no signs of Rhytides, also known as aging lines. 

Having Non Sensitive skin means you are not prone to irritation and itching when using cosmetics and skin care.

Combination skin can be challenging because there are areas of your face that may be too oily, while other areas are too dry. Because you have a combination of dry and oily skin, there are times when you may need a moisturizing cleanser and times when you'll need a stronger cleanser that removes excess oil. That's why we've included two cleansers in your kit. After the initial kit, you may decide that your skin prefers and works well with just one. Keep in mind though that it is very likely your skin will need a stronger cleanser (Youth To The People) in the summer, and a moisturizing cleanser (Josh Rosebrook) in the winter.

Dry skin has many causes including improper hydration, exposure to the elements, poor exfoliation, side effects of medications, imbalanced diet, and genetic predisposition. Having dry skin also means your skin scatters light, leading to a dull and rough appearance and tends to become more easily irritated and red. The right combination of natural plant oils can be used to create a highly effective moisturizer with restorative properties for your dry skin. On the other hand, Oily skin is due to an over secretion of sebum from your sebaceous glands, and usually occurs in the central areas of the face (nose, central cheeks, central forehead and chin). 

When choosing products for Acne-Prone skin, it is essential that they maximize protective and anti-aging benefits, while avoiding the formation of acne. While there are anti-aging ingredients that may trigger acne, others will prevent and treat acne while exerting rejuvenating effects. 


Although you do not have any evidence of Hyperpigmentation, it is important to protect yourself against these changes. Hyperpigmentation can reveal itself in the form of diffuse patches of darker skin, or smaller brown spots that can result from cumulative sun and environmental exposure. Sometimes this dark discoloration can also occur from acne that leaves brown spots after resolving. The most important topical product to use to prevent discoloration is a high quality broad spectrum sunscreen. Equally important is adding skin brightening and lightening creams that contains several ingredients combating pigment including vitamin-C, vitamin-E and ferulic acid. 

You have no signs of Rhytides, but unfortunately, they are inevitable over time. Aging lines are due to several factors, including repeated facial muscle contraction over time, cumulative sun and environmental exposure, free radical damage, and genetic factors. The good news is that you can help delay their formation with topical and protective ingredients including broad spectrum sunscreen, vitamin C, Vitamin E, and retinol. These compounds protect your skin from environmental damage and are free radical scavengers that can prevent and even reverse the signs of aging. They have even been shown to improve the appearance of aging lines in clinical studies


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