Let's Talk Deodorants And How To Find The Right One For You!


We know deodorants don't necessarily fall into the natural skin category for the face, but as you may know Marko & Lane is made up of one passionate natural consumer and one Dermatologist. That's why we're always trying to find the best products out there that show results and are also free of toxins. 

So what do deodorants actually do? A deodorant blocks odor by killing the bacteria that causes the sometimes unpleasant under arm scent. Most of us don't like to sweat or emit offensive odors and that's why we use deodorants. So what's the problem? Many deodorants in the market place contain aluminum as an active ingredient. Why? Because aluminum compounds act as a plug within the sweat ducts and therefore, block sweat flow. Though they're effective, these compounds can be absorbed by your skin and there is some evidence that they can mimic estrogen, which may promote breast cancer. Excessive amount of aluminum may be toxic to neurons and lead to kidney and liver damage. 

Some studies have shown that aluminum has also been associated with kidney problems, bone disorders and alzheimer's disease. That's why many educated consumers prefer aluminum-free deodorants made from essential oils and all natural ingredients. 

So now that you know what to look for, how do you sift through the vast sea of products out there? We recently found Review.com, a site outlining which deodorants are cruelty-free, safe to use, and still effective: It's a great place to start and know what's out there. Dr. Marc Meulener is still evaluating the recommended deodorants, but let us know if there's one you prefer and why.

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