So what exactly are blackheads? Blackheads are pimples that don’t have skin on the top, so they're exposed to the air, causing the top layer of filth inside your pores to oxidize and turn black. Most people think they have to squeeze and press the pores to get the gunk out, but all you really need to do is clean out your pores. Here are two natural ways to make blackheads a thing of the past! 

Make A Nutmeg & Milk Scrub

Make exfoliation and microdermabrasion part of your weekly routine with nutmeg and milk. Why nutmeg and milk? A simple nutmeg and milk scrub helps rid the oil on your skin and leaves a really smooth finish. The old skin cells will disappear when you rinse your face because the lactic acid in milk helps to break them down. Buttermilk is great too because it contains even more lactic acid.

Combine the nutmeg and milk until you have a thin paste. Begin with a clean face and apply your new nutmeg and milk mixture in circular motions. Remember to use a light touch so you don't damage your skin.

Do this for 3-5 minutes, rinse and smile at your clean face.

Use Sticky Honey 

The thought of putting very sticky honey on your face might not be too appealing, especially when you have to take it off, but believe it or not, honey has many benefits. Not only does honey contain superior antibacterial, probiotic, and healing properties, it also nourishes, hydrates and slows down the oxidizing process when there's dirt left inside your pores. However, it does matter what kind of honey you use for your skin, so make sure it's raw and unfiltered. Organic and “all natural” doesn't always mean the honey hasn’t been processed, which removes all the good stuff that contains antioxidants and nutrients.

On a dry and clean face, use your fingers to pat very sticky honey to the areas where you want to remove blackheads. The honey should stick to the dirt in your pores, and pull it out as you remove your fingers. It will also give gentle antibacterial and antioxidant support, so any dirt left in your pores won’t oxidize (and turn black) quite as quickly.

Continue doing this for 3 to 4 minutes, and then rinse your face with water.

At Marko & Lane, we believe nature is our greatest teacher because when we learn the science behind natural remedies and why they work, we can make better choices on what products to use on our skin. Are you looking for a safe, green, and effective facial skin regimen, but don't know how to choose from the vast choices available? At Marko & Lane, we offer consumers the perfect marriage of green beauty and proven science by finding natural, green products in the marketplace with the most effective results. Go to today and get your FREE consultation from a board certified dermatologist. After careful review of your skin, we'll provide you with a list of natural products and detailed instructions on why, when and how to use them.

Happy skin is here to stay!


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